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Media & Community

Media and community are critical to the crypto industry's success and growth. Dedicated media outlets provide real-time news, analysis, and market insights that enable investors and traders to make informed decisions.

They also educate and inform the public about the benefits and risks of cryptocurrencies, promoting wider adoption and acceptance. Meanwhile, community platforms foster collaboration and information-sharing among users, building trust and loyalty, and providing valuable feedback and insights to companies in the industry.

Case Study : CoinNess

1 Strategic Positioning

Ness LAB provides strategic positioning service to CoinNess considering its deliberate efforts to position itself within its industry, marketplace, and target audience in a unique and advantageous way. This positioning encompasses a company's overall brand image, value proposition, competitive advantages, target market, and marketing approach, which leads to overall service’s success and growth.

portfolio management


The impact of integrating a crypto asset management function within an application can be highly significant, with the potential to elevate the overall user experience and investment performance to unprecedented levels.

A user-friendly platform with an array of tools and resources for cryptocurrency investing can substantially increase user engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, leveraging the application's existing media, market information, and community services can result in an integrated user experience that seamlessly blends different services.

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Social Trading

The next potent strategy in our pipeline pertains to a groundbreaking blockchain-based business model centered around social trading. This novel approach would entail the creation of a decentralized platform, which would furnish users with a unique opportunity to seamlessly trade and share investment strategies with fellow network participants. Employing cutting-edge blockchain technology, the platform would endow users with unprecedented levels of transparency, security, and immutability in the trading and sharing of financial data.

social trading
the portal

The Portal

Our unwavering mission is to craft an innovative and user-friendly portal that caters to all your crypto-related needs, surmounting the inherent complexities of the crypto market.

Impeccable services such as media & community, portfolio management, social trading, and cutting-edge data services will be offered to ensure user satisfaction.